Police Dashcam: Non-Threatening Dog Shot By Lagrange Missouri Police

This dog was first chained to the trailer, wagging its tail. The only aggression shown by this dog was after it was re-chained up to a pickup truck for about 10 mins. Yes, it panicked when the catch pole came out but that is to be expected. Most animals will panic when a catch pole is looped around their neck by a stranger. The dog was shot once then seemed like it was wagging his tail before it was shot the 2nd time in the head.

Maybe before police deal with animals they should educate themselves on animal behavior.

The story behind this video is that the Lagrange P.D. said the female American Bulldog named Cammi was being vicious. - WTF?!
- video encodings still in process -


By: Adrenaline-OD (1595.48)

Tags: Lagrange, Missouri, police, shoot, kill, non-aggressive, non-threatening, passive, dog, bulldog, Cammi, household, pet


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