HVO and HOS in Herzegovina 1992

The abbreviation "HOS" ("Hrvatske obrambene snage") is identical to the
abbreviation "HOS" ("Hrvatske oružane snage") for the military of the
Nazi puppet state NDH during World War II.


Der Spiegel 39/1992, 21.09.1992
Ein Morden wie in Sarajevo

Translated excerpts:

Murder like in Sarajevo
SPIEGEL interview with the Croatian nationalist Dobroslav Paraga

Paraga, 31, leader of the Croatian party of the right (HSP) and successor of the former Hitler ally Ante Pavelic, controls the Croatian Defence Forces (HOS). It fights in Bosnia under Bosnian, in Croatia under Croatian flag.

SPIEGEL: Mr. Paraga, at the moment your HOS militia fights in almost all front sectors in former Yugoslavia. When and where the HOS fighters will halt?

PARAGA: If they have reached our borders, the borders of united Croatia. This corresponds to the today's republic Croatia and in addition of the neighbouring republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina. We want the unification of both states to the common Republic Croatia - just and with the same right, as divided Germany has united.

SPIEGEL: But the Germans in the east and west wanted the union. Nevertheless, most Bosnians would like to preserve their own state. That what you want, however, is an occupation.

PARAGA: No, in this war Bosnia-Herzegovina shows that it stands on the side of the Croats and not on the side of the Serbs.

SPIEGEL: This is no reason for a forced unification of both countries under military pressure . . .

PARAGA: Moreover, the royal families of Bosnia and Croatia were closely related in the Middle Ages; both led the lilies in the coat of arms which are to be seen again on the Bosnian flag now also. Bosnia and Croatia bleed only because they are separated. If they were united, the Serbian aggression would be finished.

SPIEGEL: Does that mean that your HOS not only defends today's Croatia, but also fights on foreign territory in Bosnia-Herzegovina?

PARAGA: The HOS will fight to the point where Greater Serbia is defeated. Therefore it is in Bosnia. All territories which are controlled by the Bosnian state the HOS has gotten rid of Serbs - without support from abroad. The European politicians let Croatia down. Therefore we would be glad if Muslim fighters, for example mujahedin from Afghanistan, come to assistance to us.

SPIEGEL: It seems that no Arab legion has come forward yet.

PARAGA: But we have informations about a high number of volunteers from various Islamic countries which set off. When they fight for Bosnia, they fight for the Croatian people at the same time. In the end Croatia will be obliged to thank Islamic countries and not the Western Europe.
SPIEGEL: There are estimates according to which the HOS has up to 30,000 men under arms. How strong is it really?

PARAGA: I would like to say nothing about that. But go to the front, and you will see that the HOS is very strong.

SPIEGEL: How many foreign mercenaries fight in the HOS?

PARAGA: I have no exact figures, but there are many. Most work as instructors. They are no mercenaries, because they do not come for money. We also could not pay them. They work to the same conditions like all other HOS soldiers. Because, thank God, we have more volunteers than we can arm.

SPIEGEL: Where from the HOS gets its arms?

PARAGA: The biggest fraction we took from the Serbs. Moreover we have factories in central Bosnia which produce ammunition for us.

SPIEGEL: There are reliable tips that the HOS also uses brand new American arms.

PARAGA: Yes, we have for example American M-16 assault rifles and special arms. We must buy all of that at a very dear price.

SPIEGEL: Who sells these arms to you?

PARAGA: There are many arms dealers in this world, a great many.

SPIEGEL: Mention at least the countries from which you are supplied.

PARAGA: I do not even think of obstructing the supply passages for me.

SPIEGEL: And who pays all that?

PARAGA: These are donations from all over the world.
SPIEGEL: Your political opponents have the habit to call you the new Ante Pavelic, a fascist or National Socialists.

PARAGA: I am an anticommunist and antifascist. I am Dobroslav Paraga, a Croatian patriot. As well as many in Europe are afraid of the united Germany, many are afraid of a united Croatia. Hence come all these lies.

SPIEGEL: If you are no fascist, then why you and the HOS militia use the fascist symbols of the Ustashe that was allied with Hitler?

PARAGA: The Ustashe was no fascist organisation. It accepted in its fight against the Serbs only the help of the single one that gave it. And that was Hitler. He helped us Croats not as the head of the Nazi party, he helped us as Fuehrer of Germany.

SPIEGEL: And now you miss him.

PARAGA: No, we do not miss him of course. When the Europeans do not want to help, then we soon have Islamic soldiers from non-European states here, from Iran or Afghanistan. If we accept their help, somebody will label us to Islamic fundamentalists, just as one has also declared us to be fascists, although we are neither the one nor the other. To us everybody is welcome that fights for Croatia.


Record of a conference of Hitler and the German High Command on the situation in Yugoslavia dated 27th of March 1941:

"It can be assumed that the Croats will come to our side when we attack.
A corresponding political treatment (autonomy later on) will be assured
to there."


A top-secret directive issued from the Fuehrer's headquarters on 27
March 1941 and intended only for higher commanding officers of the
German Army said:

"The internal political crisis in Yugoslavia will be aggravated by political guarantees promised to the Croats."


Both documents can be found here at pages 32 and 35:



The Yugoslav Wars: Bosnia, Kosovo and Macedonia 1992-2001
by Nigel Thomas, K. Mikulan


The HVO followed the HV organization. The 50,000-strong force (including seconded HV personnel) comprised GHQ at Mostar, and four corps-status 'operational zones': 1 OZ (SE Herzegovina), 2 OZ (NW Herzegovina), 3 OZ (central Bosnia), and 4 OZ (Posavina). There was also an HVO headquarters in the Bihac enclave, liaising with ABiH 5 Corps.
There were 38 infantry brigades formed by reservists - 19 with names and/or numbers, and 19 with names only. The names commemorated figures from Croatian and Bosnian history, such as Tvrtko Kotromanic, King of Bosnia (1180-1204); Josip Jelacic (1801-1859), Governor of Croatia; Ante Bruno Busic (1939-78), a prominent emigre Croat; and, controversially, Jure Francetic (1912-42), commander of the infamous Ustasha 'Black Legion'. Each brigada had 3-4 battalions and supporting services. By the end of 1992 or early 1993 the majority-Moslem 107 & 109 Bdes (designated Moslem-Croat Defence Council - MHVO) were transferred to the ABiH as 107 'Chivalrous' Mot Bde and 109 Mtn Bde respectively; the 70 per cent Moslem contingent in 108 Bde also left, to form the ABiH 108 Mot Bde.
The Croatian Defence Forces (HOS), formed in June 1991 under the extreme nationalist Croatian Party of Rights (HSP), was disbanded by the Croatian government on 21 Dec 1991. However, the commander MajGen Blaz Kraljevic, and some diehard personnel organized a new HOS in Bosnia which, in May 1992, became an official component of the OSRBiH. The HOS comprised about 5000 Bosnian-Croats, foreign volunteers, and Bosnian-Moslems (about 30 per cent of the total), wearing distinctive black uniforms with some World War II NDH-pattern insignia. The HOS, including its Black Legion (Crna legija) unit, gained a reputation for bravery when fighting in Bosanski Brocl, Koiijic, Mostar, Novi Travnik and Zenica districts, but also for atrocities against Bosnian-Serb civilians.


The Jewish Press
Friday, June 24, 1994, Page 11
Behind the headlines, Analysis and Commentary:
by Professor Howard L. Adelson


It is high time for the Jewish community in this country, and for
Jews around the world to recognize that they have been sadly
misinformed and led astray by those who accepted money to mislead the
American people, and the Jews in particular. Contrary to popular
opinion and the media in this country, the Serbs in Bosnia are
fighting for their survival because they cannot trust the tender
mercy of those who killed them by the hundreds of thousands a bare 50
years ago. The Serbs in Croatia, when faced with the threat of a
renewal of the massacres carried out by the Croatian Ustashi during
the Nazi period, rose up in self-defense against Tudjman and his

It was the fascists and their sympathizers who tore apart the
Yugoslav state to carry out the Nazi war aims, long after the defeat
of Nazi Germany. They were aided mightily by Foreign Minister
Genscher of the German Federal Republic who, despite pleas from the
former allied governments, rushed in a most unpleasant manner to
recognize the independence of fascist Croatia with the goal of
destroying the Yugoslav Republic. We must not forget that those who
are reviving the trappings of the wartime fascist state of Croatia
are assisting in the arming of the Bosnians who murdered Jews and
Serbs during the Second World War.
If the Serbs are prepared to stand in the breach to defend
civilization from a revival of fascism, they should be congratulated
and not attacked.


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