F-22 Undefeated at Al Dhafra: 27th FS pilot

At the Advanced Tactical Leadership Course at Al Dhafra Air Base, six F-22s apparently faced off against F-16 Block 60s and Mirage 2000-9s, presumably both operated by the United Arab Emirates. If the F-22s also sparred with French Air Force Rafales and Royal Air Force Typhoons, which also participated in the exercise, the pilot does not say. But there were reports last month that the F-22's were withdrawn from such sorties at the last minute.

In the judgment of this pilot, the F-22s are also now ready for combat duty. Of course, technically, the F-22 has been operational since late 2005, but let's not be picky.

Thanks to Virginian-Pilot producer Brian Clark for an excellent video.
- video encodings still in process -