Oil pipeline sabotage

The PKK, BOTAŞ's Idil Sirnak and Mardin Midyat Kirkuk-Yumurtalik pipeline passing through the section of the districts organized sabotage.

Displaced with explosives exploded while the judicial pipeline, the flow of oil was stopped on the line.

The PKK, BOTAŞ's Kirkuk-Yumurtalik oil pipeline sabotage, organized desks today at 13.30. PKK Yayvantepe of the pipeline near the village of Sirnak provinces Midyat with Idil laying explosive device exploded ettirince fire broke out in the previous section. Fire in progress, Petroleum Pipeline Corporation, the line stopped the flow of oil.

Presence of potentially explosive traps in the area against the possibility of fire, yet not interfere. Yargından the line was miles and miles away from the fumes.