Teen Claims Shock At McDonald's Birth

Employee Says She Didn't Know She Was Pregnant

POSTED: 3:18 pm EST December 31, 2007
VANCOUVER, Wash. -- A McDonald's employee in Vancouver is a new mom after a fast delivery at the fast-food restaurant.

Danielle Miller, 16, was working at the McDonald's on Gher Road and state Route 500 on Dec. 21 when she suddenly felt ill and ran to the bathroom, reported television station KPTV in Portland, Ore.

A friend and co-worker of Miller's followed her into the restroom and asked her if she was pregnant. Miller said no. But moments later, with the assistance of a 911 dispatcher, the friend helped Miller deliver her baby in the McDonald's restroom.

"I was so shocked. I couldn't talk. I was shaking the whole time. I didn't stop shaking until 3 a.m. the next morning," the new mother said.

Emergency crews transported Miller and her new baby boy Austin to a nearby hospital.

Both mother and baby are recovering well.