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Call of duty: Modern warfare 2 gameplay trailer.

Gameplay trailer for the new Call of duty: Modern warfare 2.


Modern Warfare 2 is set several years after the conclusion of Call of Duty 4. Sergeant "Soap" MacTavish will return as a non-playable character, and has been promoted to captain in the Special Air Service.[5] MacTavish will lead an elite, multinational commando unit, Task Force 141, to counter the resurgent Russian Ultranationalist organization.[6] The group is now led by Vladimir Makarov, a former associate of Imran Zakhaev with his own nationalistic ambitions. Makarov has been portraying Zakhaev's death as an act of martyrdom to garner support for his cause, and has built a strong power base in Russia over the years. In response to the threat posed by Makarov, the global community established Task Force 141 to stop him. Mission settings include the mountains of Russia, a desert in Afghanistan, and Rio de Janeiro,

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