video and current news about the Muslim riots in Trappes, France

The latest news coming out of France about the ongoing mass riots and violence from Muslims includes this report from lexpress. Stating that the Muslim man, whose veiled wife was stopped by a police officer three days ago in order to check her identity due to the prohibition against wearing a niqab, and who subsequently tried to strangle and kill the police officer, was released by the Police Dept on Saturday. Only 2 days after his arrest on Thursday. Ostensibly bowing to the demands of the Muslim mob which have been rioting and burning down large sections of Trappes as a result:

"Yet the perpetrators of yesterday got what they wanted. The man they called for the release was released on Saturday. According to the prefecture of the Yvelines, he was placed on probation and will be presented in court in September. "

This has enraged Thierry Maze, head of the national police union:

" This is Far too lenient a punishment for Thierry Maze. "He tried to strangle a police officer, it is attempted murder! He should be punished. Otherwise, what's the use of law enforcement? Colleagues in Trappes are disgusted," states the union head in outrage, who regrets that have not been applied. In other words, the assault of an officer of the order is not automatically penalized by a penalty. "En savoir plus sur

One of the rioters, Kamel Laouadi, 32, states that :

"what is going to happen tonight" is only the beginning. "In twenty years, Trappes will be Chechnya!"

The Photo below was taken today and uploaded to Facebook from Trappes, it is a large warehouse being burnt to the ground