Insane Bike Crash - Motorcycle Launches and Hits Rider in Face

KW Parrish was riding at the Beaverun private motor complex in Pennsylvania with some buddies, and was picking up a nice pace, gaining distance on riders in front of him.

As he rounded a right-hander on his GSX-R1000 and closed in on the bikes in front of him, the riders ahead have come together when the lead rider appeared to have slowed and veered slightly to the left.

With nowhere to go, the rider following has collided with the bike ahead and sent him off the bike and sliding off-track, after a spectacular high-speed faceplant.

What happens next is astonishing, with the bike launching in the air and hitting him with full force in the helmet and bike.

While he says he walked away with a few bumps and bruises, as well as a wrecked bike, KW says he is still feeling sore.

"What a bummer" he laments, as he reviews the footage, also adding that the engine builder of his AMA Spec 210hp bike warned him of the power of the bike on its first run out.

"Power wasn't the problem, as the last thing I wanted to do was wreck the bike on its first day out, so I played it safe"

"I didn't really expect to have some motorcycle hit me in the face"

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