Leaked Secretly Taped Russian Presentation of Evidence to United Nations of the Downing of Malaysian Flight MH17

Dear representatives of mass media!

Ladies and gentlemen!

After the Malaysia Airlines Boeing-777 accident on July 17, following
the international airway Amsterdam – Kuala Lumpur, we can find quantity
of conflicted information. In this case the Russian Federation Ministry
of Defense considers necessary to submit information having at the
General Staff disposal. On the scheme you can see the international
airway. The Boeing-777 was supposed to fly on this airway. Draw your
attention to the fact that the aircraft followed inside the specified
air-corridor to Donetsk, then it deviated from the route to north.
Meanwhile the maximum distance from the left border of the air-corridor
was 14 kilometers.Then we can see that the Boeing-777 turned back to the borders of the
specified air-corridor. Nevertheless Malaysian aircrew didn’t succeed
the maneuver. At 17.20 we entered the event of the aircraft rate
reduction, at 17.23 the aircraft’s point blinked off on the radar. Why
did the aircraft cross the border of the air-corridor? Was it the
navigation mistake, or the aircrew followed the Dnepropetrovsk ground
control orders? We will find the answers after “black boxes” and
communication decoding. According to our information on the day of the
accident the Ukrainian Armed Forces deployed 3 to 4 artillery battalions
of Buk-M1 missile system not far from Donetsk. The system allows
hitting the targets on the distance up to 35 kilometers and on the
altitude to 22 kilometers. Why did the Ukrainian Armed Forces deploy
these air defense units in the Donetsk region?As we know militants don’t
have aircrafts. On the scheme we can see that both projected impact
point and the airway are inside the air defense battle zone of the
Ukrainian Armed Forces’ Buk-M1 missile system. We have satellite photos
of the Ukrainian Air Defense systems deployed in the South-East of the

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