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Lawrence O'Donnell Serves Katy Abrams a Crap Sandwich on Hardball

What's a crap sandwich you ask? It's when someone talks to you affectionately in the beginning, giving you pseudo-compliments, craps down your throat in the middle, and ends with more fake compliments.

Katy Abrams, as you might know, was at the townhall with Arlen Specter in Lebanon, PA yesterday, and took him to task about getting back to the Constitution. She decided to come on Hardball tonight, for whatever reasons, and answers some questions from O'Donnell.

Obviously O'Donnell has never seen the actual video of Obama saying he's for single-payer healthcare. Katy had NO problem remembering the video, yet O'Donnell continued to deny the prez ever said he was for "single-payer" healthcare. He did try to qualify it (not in this edit) that if the prez said it a few years ago and not AS prez, it didn't matter, but would the same standards be held by any MSNBC shill if it applied to

Added: Aug-12-2009 
By: MsUnderestimated
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