The Greatest Bass Singer Ever! Elvis' JD Sumner. Bad Ass!

Here is a rare interview of JD where he and the Stamps sing one of Elvis' favourite songs for the interview at Graceland, Elvis' home. This guy could hit notes so low you'd have to go downstairs to hear them!

Few people know that Elvis always wished he could've been a bass singer. It gave him chills when JD sang. He loved JD. Bought him and gave him many expensive gifts during their time together. He was one of Elvis' most favourite people.
The lowest recorded note that J. D. Sumner ever hit was a G0 (24.5 Hz), one full tone below the lowest key on the piano the end of a 26-second slide at an Elvis concert in 1977, demonstrating not only his exceptional range, but his mastery of breath control. His highest note that he could sing accurately was a C#4, but he hit an E4 in "Old Man River", which puts his range at nearly four octaves.

(November 19, 1924 – November 16, 1998)