The shiite terrorist and Ahd TV 'correspondent', Ahmed Kadhum, posts an image of himself as a grateful refugee in Finland

Ahmed Kadhum, a member of one of Iran's most bloodthirsty terror groups, known as Assaeb al-Haqq, has fled to Finland by posing as a helpless refugee.

A decent, and tolerant people, the Finns have no comprehension of the nature of the sadistic, shiite, throat slitting maniacs they are allowing into their country.

He has changed his name, but cannot change his terrorist past.

Hundreds of shiites who were members of Iran's terror gangs have fled to Europe this summer, disillusioned by combat attrition, exhaustion, and surprisingly, irregular pay.
Kadhum has boasted his trip only cost $2100, and has encouraged other shiite terrorists to join him.