CCTV Captures Shootout Involving CNN Reporter, Lynne Russell

Albuquerque, NM - Officials have released surveillance video of the robbery turned shooting at a Motel 6 involving a former CNN anchor and reporter that left the thief dead, one of the victims seriously injured.

In the video the robber, Tomorio Watson, is seen wandering around the motel he walks past the rooms, talking on a cell phone. Then former CNN anchor Lynne Russell is seen leaving her room and walking to the parking lot to get something. All the while Watson is around the corner, out of sight watching.

As she returns, Watson pulls out his gun, waits a second and then attacks, pushing her into the room. (2:30)

He tries to rob the couple and then opens fire, hitting Russell’s husband Chuck De Caro. De Caro fires back, hitting Watson.

Watson can be seen stumbling out in the video. He would end up dying in the parking lot. Another man was involved in the robbery. Police say Skyy Barrs was the lookout.

Barrs appeared in court and was held on a $500,000 cash only bond. He is charged with murder, because his actions contributed to his Watson’s death.