FBI Washington DC Baltimore Files * Carroll Aircraft Corporation * Coutts Bank Multi-Billion Dollar Tax Fraud Bribery Case


The sensational Carroll Foundation Trust and parallel Carroll Maryland Trust multi-billion dollar offshore tax fraud bribery scandal which stretches the globe has revealed that the UK Government Foreign Secretary William Hague and Lord Douglas Hurd who was Foreign Secretary in Sir John Major's premiership are understood to be facing serious criminal allegations of conspiracy to defraud and bribery on an industrial scale surrounding a shocking litany of compelling evidential material which involves the Queens bankers Coutts Bank Gerald Carroll embezzlement offences.

Sources have revealed that Lord Hurd was until quite recently a Coutts Bank Director working alongside Lord Home the Chairman of Coutts Bank who is also the subject of major criminal allegations which concern forged and falsified Coutts Bank Gerald Carroll banking arrangements fraudulent HSBC International offshore accounts that are directly linked to the systematic ransacking and complete theft of the entire contents of the Carroll Foundation Trust's multi-million dollar Eaton Square Belgravia penthouse and Westminster residences covering a bizarre six to eight years.

Further sources have confirmed that Sir Anthony Garner a former Conservative Party Central Office Director and a close aide to Sir John Major and Baroness Thatcher is known to be implicated in the FBI Scotland Yard prosecution files surrounding the fraudulent incorporation of UK Companies House registered Carroll Trust Corporations and forged HMRC Revenue Customs tax returns. A Downing Street leaked source has said that Prime Minister David Cameron is personally involved in the ongoing obstruction and co-ordinated cover-up attempts in this case of international importance.

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