Interview with Syrian T-72 Tank Crew (with translation in text)

00:30 - Reporter: "Please tell us, what are the main problems that you have encountered with the tank in combat?"
Tank Dude: "Well the tank is exceptional, but we have a few issues with it. The air system is very inaccessible, the tubing is too long and requires half of the hull to be disassembled for replacement. A single air line runs all the way from the transmission to the control compartment, if the line was made up of multiple pieces instead of one whole, replacement would be far easier.
The Explosive Reactive Armor skirts are mounted inadequately with only three bolts holding them in place, the skirts weigh a lot and the bolts are weak - it will fall off after almost any impact."

02:00 - Tank Dude walks over to the second tank: "This tank has taken part in several battles and the armor skirt has completely broken off - this is what I was talking about before. All three of the mounting brackets broke away *he points at them*."
Reporter: "Is this the result of enemy fire or collision?
Tank Dude: "Enemy fire, after the first impact and failure of the armor skirt the crew becomes very vulnerable."
Reporter: "How well do the ERA tiles work?"
Tank Dude: "Works very well, we are protected from enemy shells, that is why most of the damage comes from mines and IEDs. For example, one of the tanks just had two of it's wheels blown off by a mine. Overall, the protection is excellent, except for the armor skirts breaking off, so far only one tank was actually penetrated in the underbelly by IEDs."

03:14 - Reporter: "When the tanks are hit, how often are they still combat capable?"
Tank Dude: "When the armor is penetrated - it gets pretty bad, often wounding and killing the crew. But rarely does anyone actually die inside the crew compartment, most of the time both the tank and crew are still combat capable."
Reporter: "Have you encountered any problems with the auto-loader? Does it break down?"
Tank Dude: "Not really, any of the small jams can be fixed easily in the field."
Reporter: "Do you prefer the auto-loader to a crewman doing the job?
Tank Dude: "Most definitely, it's a huge difference, the system works well and the tank is exceptional overall."
Reporter: "Does the engine have enough horsepower?"
Tank Dude: "For me, this engine is perfect, although the electrical systems are a mess, nothing can be done about that now."

Reporter: "Thank you very much, our viewers will be most interested in the opinions of the actual crew about the tanks."