Mexico: Meet 'The Gunfather' - the priest who holsters his pistol for mass

Mexican priest Jesus Alfredo Gallegos Lara carried a pistol in a holster beneath his vestments while holding mass at a church in Chucandiro, Michoacan state, as part of a ritual for which he has become known as 'Padre Pistolas' ('The Gunfather'), Saturday.

SOT, Jesus Alfredo Gallegos Lara, also known as 'Padre Pistolas' (Spanish): "Many people walk around armed and I usually go out during the day and night, and I usually take those ill for healing; sometimes there is no money but the truck and the gun, so I pawned them to the doctors, I said 'here are the gun and the truck, sell them and give me the spare money,' that's one way of saving lives. I want the gun to save lives, not to kill."

SOT, Jesus Alfredo Gallegos Lara, also known as 'Padre Pistolas' (Spanish): "Here we had up to five people killed at one party. Thank God it's all over now. The only gunman is me. The police and everyone knows that I carry a gun, the army knows that I carry a gun, but no one dare take it away from me."

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Location: Chucándiro, Michoacán, Mexico