Bill Gates Admits “Vaccines Are Best Way To Depopulate”

Bill Gates has openly admitted that vaccinations are designed so that governments can depopulate the world.

says that in order to successfully depopulate an “overcrowded world” at
least 350,000 must be killed each day, and he says this can be done via
vaccine programs.


are one of the biggest public health victories in human history. People
are exceedingly reliable to it for eradicating illness and reducing the
incidence of new infections of diseases such as polio, diphtheria,
measles, rubella, rotavirus and many others.
despite this public health success, irrational anti-vaccine sentiments
based on ignorance and fear mongering continues to exist. They do more
harm than good. Vaccines and general improvements in health care
availability increase the living standards of individuals. by

Gates expound on how we must all consent to a ‘kill the humans’
strategy, to ‘save the planet’ from the carbon dioxide we make. See his
lips move. I’m not kidding.

is not a new thing that some parents wouldn’t want their children to be
vaccinated. They say that it is just wrong to inject their kids with a
VIRUS—no matter what state it may be. They perceive it as making their
children SICK. Physicians say otherwise as they believe that getting
vaccinated will make one’s immune system ‘aware’ of viruses so that when
it comes into contact with the body, our white blood cell ‘soldiers’
would know how to defend them. And for years, the doctors have been
quite successful in convincing many people of this premise.

now, a recent study puts to light a not-so-new problem with vaccines.
And it is mainly because its adjuvant ‘Aluminum’ may be doing more harm
than good.

Chemicals that are commonly used in the production of
vaccines, according to the CDC, are done so to improve the effectiveness
of the vaccine. Adjuvants like aluminum (one of the most common) are a
component of vaccines that potentates the immune response to an antigen.
The adjuvant is basically used to invoke the desired immune response.

has been added to vaccines for approximately 90 years, and since then, a
lot of controversy, especially in recent years, has emerged regarding
their safety and effectiveness.

This controversy comes as a result
of a number of recent studies (some of which are presented in this
article) outlining clear concerns over the use of aluminum in this
manner, as well as the fact that over the past few years, billions of
dollars have been paid to families with vaccine injured children.

There are a number of reasons why more parents are choosing not to vaccinate their children.

is quite concerning, given the fact that recommended immunization rates
have more than doubled in the past few decades. In some developed
countries, by the time a child is 4 to 6 years old, they will have
received a total of 126 antigenic compounds, along with high amounts of
aluminum adjuvants through routine vaccinations.

Here are some
eye-opening reasons why so many people are starting to question the
safety of administering vaccines that contain aluminum.

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