Liberty Square Blueprint

Liberty Square Blueprint

Hello world! - We of would like to thank the global population for the amazing outpouring of support and inspiration. Our original demand has been already met beyond our greatest hopes. We occupied Wall Street with the intent of bringing attention to an economic system that is detached from real human needs. In less than one month global solidarity and a global dialog has emerged - never in the history of the world have all of the worlds citizations and cultures come together in an unidealogial movement like this.

We present the following living vision of our movement. It is one document among many that work together in focusing our occupation for the public and ourselves. The vision has ten foci with practical goals for New York City. Our goals are aimed at dissolving the effective "shadow government" created by the corporations and banks, that literally surrounds Liberty Plaza and is destroying the American dream, and our planet Earth. We will not fight the shadow government. We will invent new ways of living - that will overcome our constructed dependence upon the shadow government. We will invent the new economy, culture, and technology fitting of the Information Age. We will make New York City a metropolis built for the future.

A few things must be said. Corporations do not make jobs - people make jobs. Money does not support livelihood - our Earth supports livelihood. The proprietary technology used to hijack and manipulate the human spirit into thinking otherwise no longer belongs to the shadow government - the technology belongs to us. Thus the following ten visions are more than feasible. Only one question remains: When will each goal be achieved? The answer to that depends on YOU.

Purpose of Blueprint

Through this document we will explain our vision and corresponding concrete action for ourselves and for humanity. We hope other regional people's assemblies can create their own blueprints, centered on the future they envision, and structured around the most effective actions to achieve these visions.

Vision Blueprint

Issues - nothing about governance Algonquin principles of peace - Basis of American Constitution

How can we build an empowered global society based on direct democracy?Fix local governing body and empower decentralized people's assemblies to coordinate actions and goals

How will we emancipate ourselves from centralized financial systems?How will we create an economy in harmony with nature? What will it look like?How will we create free paradigm-shifting education the whole human family?How will we change our business structures and culture to place people and our Earth before profit?How will we free our media to place truth before advertising?How will we eliminate all discrimination and prejudice?How will we define the human family's liberties from the grass roots up?How will we harmonize the human family's religious and existential traditions?How can we answer these questions with solutions owned by all?

What future could we make with a global, decentralized, and self-organized movement governed through direct democracy?What could we build if freed from the banks that own us?What dignity could we enjoy if we placed people before profit?What could an economy in harmony with nature produce?What ills could we cure by caring for our whole human family?What could free and universal education teach our children?What dialogue could we foster if our media placed truth before advertising?What communities could we build if we freed ourselves from discrimination and prejudice?What freedom could we discover if we established liberties from the bottom up?What depth of understanding could we share by harmonizing our spiritual traditions?What could heal if we ended all war?How can we answer these questions with solutions owned by all?


Facilitating the growth of local movements for direct, organic, participatory consensus-based democracy through transparent, iterative design.Studying ourselves and other local occupations to find more ideal models of consensus building, decision making and coordinatingCoordinating across local and regional people’s assemblies for deeper impact.Encouraging each occupation to focus on their local economic, cultural and political assets - as weMake NYC a functioning focal point for other people’s assemblies to dissolve and overcome secret government rooted in Manhattan

(2) Implement solutions for everything - by

Every bullet point vision described herein shall be supported and implemented through non proprietary technology and methodsExpand people’s knowledge of open-source beyond computers to all technology from tractors to currencies - as weMake NYC the Open Source Silicon Alley

(3) Create an economy in - by

Researching, developing and implementing economic models that pursue thriving, abundant and prosperous outcomes for humanity and life - growing beyond the dichotomy of unsustainable and sustainable development. These economic models must be based on sound ethical assumptions and observed individual and market behavior through behavioral economics and econometricsImplementing and improving community currencies, barter, sharing, and trade systems Building the support and precedence for local and large scale production of renewable energy and food resourcesEliminating financial/resource speculation that supports the current economy at the expense of future generationsLearning from and empowering indigenous people in the transition to an economy in harmony with nature - as weMake NYC a pioneer of urban farming, renewable energy, grass roots urban/rural exchange, quantitative economic policy and indigenous leadership

(4) Create paradigm-shifting education (emancipating global citizens from exploitative, community-destroying consumer culture) - by

Empowering community values, engagement, and critical autonomous thoughtEmpowering our local people’s assemblies working groups with free educational materials for apprenticeship and skill-sharing - as weMake NYC a top supporter of public space for community action.

(5) Re-appropriate our business structures and culture, putting people and our Earth before profit - by

Supporting and organizing with entities that serve communityCoordinating demands of local, national and global people's assemblies to eliminate outdated corporate systems that are out of line with people and nature - the most egregious exploiters of human and natural capitol - as weMake NYC the Mecca for innovative community based organizational entities like, not-for profit,, charities etc.

(6) Re-appropriate our media culture, putting truth over advertizing and sensation - by

Ensure diversity of perspectives and entertainment through promoting diverse community media as an alternative to conglomerate-corporate media - as weMake NYC a thriving ecosystem of community news and entertainment supported by the people

(7) Define and defend humanity’s inalienable rights from the bottom up

Defending the commonly discussed rights to clean water, healthy food, safe shelter, health carePioneering the emerging right to free network communication technology (the People’s Internets)Make NYC the most progressive city for the chronically homeless.

Make NYC a leader of the People's Internets**

(8) End all war - by

Stopping the false War on Terror at home and abroad, used to support the military industrial complex and citizen surveillance/controlStopping the false War on Drugs, used to support the prison/pharmaceutical industrial complexStopping the age of oil, which is really a disguised War on Life that poisons our land, water and bodies - as weMake NYC a stronghold of peace

(9) Eliminate all discrimination and prejudice - by

Empowering marginalized people to express themselves, build community, and engage systemic/cultural discriminationEducating people with privilege about how they can overcome overt and unconscious discrimination/prejudice.BalancingProtect the human rights of anyone living or working in America, independent of their legal status - as weMake NYC a more celebrated place of diversity that lives up to its Melting Pot reputation

(10) Harmonize humanity’s religious, spiritual and existential traditions - by

Creating the space for all people to respectfully and collaboratively worship, discuss, and explore religious and nonreligious topics - as weMake NYC a hub for harmonious religious, spiritual and non-religious practice

(11) Emancipate the world's communities from centralized banking systems

Transitioning the IMF and World Bank into transparent, publically owned and operated entitiesEnding the Federal Reserve Bank and replacing it with an accountable, decentralized, transparent and publically owned financial systemFreezing all home foreclosures until new financial systems are established and operatingCop brutality, women's issues, accountability

List of Goals and Corollary Actions

Make NYC a functioning focal point for other people’s assemblies to dissolve and overcome the shadow government of big banks and corporations that is embedded here

Develop an open source DIY Occupation kit for other occupations to reference and build upon.Build the independent communications technology to coordinate occupations throughout the US and globe

Make NYC the Open Source Silicon Alley

Host an open source developers hackathon in a secret location to find the most intelligent and driven technologists most capable of dissolving the shadow government and building the new community development structures.

Make NYC a pioneer of urban farming, renewable energy, grass roots urban/rural exchange, ethical and evidenced-based economics and indigenous leadership

Develop strong resource flows between upstate farms and the occupationUse Occupy Wall Street as a platform to launch community-based green economy solutions that lift people out of poverty and restore our EarthPilot community currencies, barter, sharing, and local trade systemsMake Liberty Square carbon neutral

Make NYC a thriving ecosystem of community news, entertainment, and information-sharing supported by the people

Broadcast the first Occupy Wall Street TV channel with news, live stream, shows, Q&A and entertainmentMake NYC a leader of the People’s Internets

Make NYC a top supporter of public space for community action

Support the independent occupations of every borough in NYC.Expand the occupation beyond outdoor spaces to indoor ones.

Make NYC the Mecca for innovative community based organizational entities like L3C, not-for profit, NGO, charities etc

Make NYC the most progressive city for the chronically homeless

Make NYC a stronghold of pacifismSupport neighborhood peace and safe community initiatives

Make NYC a place that celebrates and respects diversity and lives up to its Melting Pot reputation

Make NYC a hub for harmonious religious, spiritual and non-religious practice

Amendment Process

We will create a reddit-based forum online to elicit ideas for amendments and to vote on those ideas for adoption. In order to propose an amendment, a forum user must first vote on at least one popular and two random ideas from the forum. Users may post and vote with a public identity, masked identity, or anonymously. A small fraction of the most popular posts, based on votes, will be presented to the General Assembly, where they will be officially considered as amendments or edits to the current version.

Archiving Process

The Blueprint will live in two online version. The first is the Official Non-Editable Wiki, which will have previous versions archived for the public. The second is an Unofficial Sandbox Wiki for the public to freely engage, edit, and experiment with. We predict that the Unofficial Sandbox version will yield very interesting and possibly sourced for amendments.


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