Kruger National Park elephant attack: Footage shows car being flipped over

Sarah Brooks, a teacher from Lincolnshire, is thought to have been stabbed in
the leg when the elephant's tusk penetrated the car.
The incident was filmed by a passenger in a car behind the couple at the
Kruger National Park in South Africa.
Miss Brooks was treated in hospital for her injuries but has since been
William Mabasa, general manager at Kruger National Park, confirmed that the video showed the elephant attack that happened on 30 December.

"The couple was driving behind this elephant on a gravel road around the
Kruger area," he said."As they were driving behind the elephant, probably also taking a video of
the elephant in front of them, the elephant apparently decided to turn
around."Unfortunately they switched off the engine - because if you minimise noise
an elephant would not attack you - [but] unfortunately the elephant
attacked."The elephant has since been killed.

"Unfortunately we had to put down the elephant because we did not understand
the behaviour," said Mr Mabasa.They then discovered that the male elephant had been "on musth", a periodic
condition where testosterone levels rise and elephants become more
aggressive.He said there had been two other similar cases where elephants have attacked
cars in the last four years.