Black Bear Stalks Terrified Joggers

From the OP, Bruce Allan - A Black Bear encounter on 2014-06-05, 8:10:15 AM MDT while running in Matcheetawin Trails, Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada

Two men running have captured footage of their terrifying encounter in the Canadian wilderness with a black bear. Some commentators believe they are lucky to be alive, having done the opposite of what most wildlife experts recommend.

As the black bear started stalking them, one of the men is heard to say. "We've got nothing for you. We have nothing," and "Back! Stay!" in the hope the near will respond. Maybe he should have spoken in French ?

The men retreat backwards, a move many wildlife experts and many websites disagree with. Instead, they recommend that if you encounter a black bear your best hope is to stand your ground and fight back in the hope of scaring the bear away. If you're in a group, you should stand together and look as big and scary as possible.

One of the men suggests exactly that, "Get us together, we'll look bigger together," and hitting the bear with a rock. Both of these are recommended as a form of defense on numerous North American mountaineering and hiking sites.

Commentators have suggested the bear was more likely looking for food FROM the joggers, as opposed to seeing the joggers as food. Others have suggested the bear was motioning for territorial dominance. But, their behaviour is unpredictable, as Lorna Weafer found out when she was recently attacked and killed by a black bear nearby (see story under video).

Thankfully, the bear tires of all the fuss, and decides to climb a tree, giving our joggers a chance for the joggers to run — no, make that sprint — back to their vehicle.

That's one hell of a work out there Bruce ..... we especially love the part when you are running back to your vehicle "Resuming Workout".

Video published with the consent of Bruce Allan. The 'computer voice' heard in the footage is part of the software that tracks the joggers exercise and forms part of the raw video content.

At the request of the OP and content owner, special mention is made of a recent death of a Suncor employee from a Black Bear attack in the same region.

Only recently, a female worker was killed by a black bear while working on the job at one of Canada’s major oil-sands companies in northeastern Alberta.

Fort McMurray resident Lorna Weafer, a Suncor instrument technician, reportedly came face to face with the bear shortly after coming out of a washroom at the company’s oil sands base plant, located about 25 kilometres north of Fort McMurray. Fellow employees witnessed the attack and tried to stop it, but were unable to. They called RCMP around 2:15 p.m. Wednesday; Weafer was later pronounced dead at the scene.


By: VIDAGEO News (1408.50)

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