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Walking Catfish Invade Hotel

Order - Siluriformes
Family - Clariidae
Genus - Clarias
Species - batrachus


The walking catfish was formally described in 1758 as Silurus batrachus in Carolus Linnaeus' 10th edition of Systema Naturae. Johannes Scopoli established the genus Clarias in 1777. Clarias is derived from Latin, meaning "shining". Synonyms of Clarias batrachus include Macropteronotus fuscus Lacep├Ęde 1803, Macropteronotus jagur Hamilton 1822, Clarias assamensis Day 1877, and Clarias punctatus Valenciennes 1840. Members of the family Clariidae are collectively known as "air-breathing" catfishes although they are not the only catfish family capable of breathing atmospheric air.

Common Names

Walking catfish is the most common English name for this species. The Thai name Pla duk dam translates to "dull colored wriggling-fish". Other English language common names include clar

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