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Failed Russian Mars Probe Phobos-Grunt reentry expected Sunday.

The doomed Russian spacecraft is expected to re-enter next Sunday

When the German ROSATsatellite fell from the sky back in October--right on the heels of NASA's UARS satellite, which came crashing down in September--we were told that we wouldn't have to worry about any more falling satellites for awhile. Then, Russia launched Phobos-Grunt, and suddenly your carefree days of not worrying about high-speed orbital debris speeding through the atmosphere and slamming into random places across the planet were over. The doomed Russian Mars probe is coming down, probably next Sunday.

Phobos-Grunt, as you may recall, was launched into Earth orbit in November, from which point it was supposed to fire its auxiliary engines and set a course for Mars. That never happened, and the orbit of the crippled spacecraft has been decaying ever since as Russian mission handlers have scrambled in vain to save

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