Teacher slapped 5 yo girl 70 times in face for doing math wrong

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Taiyuan the blue sky Montessori kindergarten a teacher, and so some of the adjectives absolutely linked not touch. Because the child a little small mistake on the children to violence, slapped in the face, pulling face.

Surveillance video record all shocking process, the number of parents tearfully, about four o'clock in the afternoon of October 15, a short 10-minute time this teacher in a girls' the face mad fan dozens slapped together to learn more about.

Master Han: I have ten past five p.m. connect children back home is about five ten, when I was connected to the child's eyes have two pimple swollen this place, this place is dark green eyes also swollen.

Commentary: Korean master's daughter's 5-year-old, in Taiyuan blue sky Montessori nursery school, is just to monitor the inside to fight the most serious little girl from monitoring them, we can see that the child is not being hit Korean master home a In this between them, we see that there are a total of four children have been the teacher beaten.

Master Han: from four o'clock to 4:30, hit seventy under my home girl.

Reporter: red face fight.

Korean master: hit almost 70 under face, butt kicks his legs, hit my child. There is a hit the next four dozen under forty-three, there is a hit looked and there are, a hit twenty-seven under.

Commentary: see the the child teacher this fan to fan go, I think we all know have a doubt, it is the children in the end made a kind of mistake, teachers and why so children under the ruthless hand.

Master Han: teacher because the child plus a child will not single digits and that she will, because the kids to play, for the first time without the teacher taught my home girl, my home girl said Liu No, no red face is about to take on the book.

Commentary: Monitoring also see them, The teachers basically beating their children when these duties to the children, children on the side, and some also while playing side pull finger arithmetic, all did not dare say anything.

Master Han: I think dad would not like the teacher, she should not be a teacher, said white, especially not people.

Commentary: Now we see most of the playing screen this month on the 15th photographed, but when we once again opened the previous monitoring, found that there are a lot of such cases. Things in the end is how is it? The reporter also accompanied by Master Han found together Taiyuan the blue sky Montessori Kindergarten understand the situation.

Taiyuan the blue sky Montessori Nursery School Principal: after this thing occurs, we first put the teacher dismissed when things are not finished, we did not let her go, but it certainly is expelled from us kindergarten.

Commentary: The principal told reporters, beating the teacher first came to them kindergarten soon, still in the trial period, after this happened, because Master Han was in a fit of anger, then beat the teacher, and compensation programs.

Taiyuan the blue sky Montessori Nursery School Principal: parents after the opening five hundred thousand, and this is really impossible, not so much, but he also hands and teacher hit.

Commentary: Korean master had been reported. For this, we will also continue to be concerned about, the June 12 press reported.

Moderator: This video people too angry, too shocking, the teacher of children as young as 5 years old how can fight enemies.