Holland has 2,500 body bags for sale for £3,000 (but you have to buy them all)

Things must be going well in Holland, as they seem to have too many body bags and not enough corpses to fill them.The Dutch government are auctioning 2,500 body bags with a reserve of €4000 (£3134), however for some reason there hasn’t been a lot of interest.

Rather than sell them off one-by-one, the set of body bags will only be sold in one batch.

BVA Auctions are trying to sell the bags for the Dutch government.

Rob Meijer, commercial director of BVA Auctions, said his company sells plenty of strange stuff, but this one is ‘special’.

He believes that either a foreign government or a relief agency could be interesting in placing a bid.

Perhaps someone throwing a really big and elaborate Halloween prank might be interested?

If you have 2,500 dead bodies to transport in a sanitary condition then you better be quick, the auction closes on October 6.

guess the ebola outbreak threat has passed them by