Syrian army secures parts of Homs province

The Syrian army has attacked the village of Abel, where thousands of terrorists had taken shelter, and gained control of the al-Nabi Mendo hill as it continued clearing the Homs province and its outskirts, Al-Alam News Channel reported.
"The operation was performed with the aim of clearing the area of armed entities and cutting connection between armed terror groups in Homs and Qusayr. The army won control of al-Nabi Mendo hill in the first attempt," said Al-Alam correspondent who was accompanying the Syrian army in the operation.

The village of Abel is situated in the southern outskirt of the city Homs and connects Homs to the city of Qusayr.

Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, Abel had turned to be a safe haven for a large number of armed mercenaries and terrorists who were entering Homs via Baba Amr district.

The Syrian army also succeeded to clear the agricultural lands of gunmen in the vicinity of the village; the army inflicted heavy damages on the armed terrorists and killed a large number of them, according to Al-Alam correspondent there.

Following the effective attacks by the Syrian army, many of the terrorists were forced to leave their equipment and flee. At present, nothing but sporadic gun fires is heard in the area.

So far, the army has gained command in a large segment of the village and re-established security in the roads of Homs-Damascus and Homs-Tartus.