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Yellowstone And the 2012 Mayan Prophecy

Three Times The Historic Average

Geological surveys show that the caldera at Yellowstone National Park
in America has been rising at the slightly alarming rate of around 3
inches a year since 2004, three times the historic average.

This coupled with the significantly high number of earthquakes
detected beneath Yellowstone in recent times has given some geologists
cause for concern, because as we all know, if Yellowstone blows, much of
the United States blows with it.

For the record, the Yellowstone supervolcano
like any supervolcano is substantially larger in size and power than
regular volcanoes. A super-volcanic eruption, they say, would likely
plunge the world into a cold, dark volcanic winter. Many species would
perish and most of the earth would disappear beneath a carpet of lava,
ash and ice. Food production would effectively cease.



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