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Smelly Hippies try to disable ship...Whale Wars 2012 is on

5 January 2012
Bob Barker activists attempt to sabotage Japanese research vessel Yushin Maru No. 3
On 4 January the Yushin Maru No. 3 (YS3), a Japanese Antarctic whale research (JARPAII)
vessel was subjected to attack by the Sea Shepherd ship Bob Barker (BB). The attack lasted
from around 1800 to 2330JST.
Around 1800JST activists aboard two rubber boats sent from the BB approached the Japanese
vessel and started to deploy and tow ropes and wires aimed to disable the YS3 rudder and
propeller. The rubber boats cut across the Japanese vessel’s bow more than 30 times and
further deployed buoy-fitted ropes just in front of the YS3 bow 8 times. In addition, during
these actions the radar mast of one of the rubber boats came into contact with the YS3
portside bow.
During the attack the YS3 broadcasted a warning message and made use of its water pump as
a preventive measure to make activists d

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