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Just How Stupid Is Michelle Bachmann? - The Twat Heard 'Round The World!

So..... how stupid is Michelle Bachmann, really?

In keeping with her fetish for extremism of all types, "extremely stupid" would apparently be the answer to that question. Just ask the folks in New Hampshire.

While it has been shown time and again that Michelle Bachmann regularly and deliberately distorts the truth and fabricates statistics...... she has also started to amass quite a pile of evidence that she is dumber than a box of rocks as well.

In particular, she seems to have trouble with the circumstances relating to the founding of our nation.... which is ironic since it is a subject that she references, ad nauseam, in her attempts to connect her fucked-up ideologies to those of the founding fathers.

O'Donnell makes some important points about the depth of Bachmann's ignorance and the ineptitude displayed by her handlers in allowing her to make such ridiculous stateme


Added: Mar-16-2011 
By: EventHorizon2012
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