Officer pulls man off motorbike for speeding without asking for basic details

Police dash cam:Putnam County,West Virginia.TEXT FROM SOURCE(I can't find anymore info):Police Charged this person with " FLEEING" and " ATTEMPTING TO FLEE" both a FELONY!!
Police had no RIGHT to pull this person off the BIKE for "" SPEEDING"" which is NOT a JAIL SENTENCE ETC.
Defendant is still in JAIL in WESTEREN REGIONAL JAIL after 8 months and in search of a CIVIL RIGHT LAWYER to show the absolute CORRUPTION that is taking place in PUTNAM COUNTY WEST VIRGINIA with a MAGISTRATE who had a "" PERSONAL INTEREST"

The FACT remains though.. all the officer knew at the time was he was speeding and that is NOT a JAIL SENTENCE and was WRONG for the offcier to pull this man off a bike..
There is no attempting to FLEE and the tape from the store parking lot shows there is no BLUE LIGHTS on the police car at all...
A Habeuas Corpus has been filed that is being OVERLOOKED by the COURTS of PUTNAM COUNTY.. this is an absolute insult to Justice and the people.

*Again,not my text*JD.