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Afghanistan: Pashtun-Taliban Opium smugglers crossing border

Pashtun-Taliban from the tribal SOUTH smuggling Opium across the illegitimate foreign fabricated border between Tajikistan and Konduz/Badakhshan/Balkh.

Pashtun-Taliban are all opium smugglers. Opium is against Islam but Pashtun-Taliban grow it and smuggle it anyway and supply 98% of the world's opium. they also buy bombs with the profits and suicide bomb and kill innocent civilians, burn down schools, and behead teachers. Hamid Karzai does not want NATO and the Americans to eradicate it because it is the only economy his Pashtun people are capable of and because his Karzai family makes hundreds of millions of dollars from the opium trade, mainly his brother.

People of north afghanistan are making efforts to reduce the Taliban/Pashtun opium smuggling along with neighboring countries like Iran, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan and NATO because Opium is a thr

Added: Jan-25-2011 
By: nurdmyth
Iran, Afghanistan, Middle East
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