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FEMA's Plan for population reduction in the USA


“Here are your coffins. (I have personally seen these plastic containers in Conyers, GA. I couldn’t figure out what they were for. Just a bunches and bunches of them stacked around a metal building right off the highway surrounded by chain link and barbed wire.) You paid for them with your tax money. There are millions of them waiting for you, in different states across the country. Each coffin ca hold 3 or 4 people and most of you will be put into one. Right after marshal law is declared in America by your President, Georg Bush and important members of the Illuminati. The master plan of this Satanic group puppets is a New World Order. Their goal is to kill 90% of the world’s population, so they can better control the rest of us and they will start in America. They

Added: Dec-24-2008 
By: sherryshea
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