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A Tour through our Solarsystem

A fascinating tour through our solar sytem, based on NASA's Science on a Sphere program "The Wanderers".
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In ancient times, humans watched the skies looking for clues to their
future and to aid in their very survival. They soon observed that some
stars were not fixed, but moved in the sky from night to night. They
called these stars the wanderers

At the center of our solar system is the sun, binding the planets with
its gravitational pull. From our viewpoint on earth, the sun appears
small in the sky, but in reality it dwarfs even Jupiter, the largest
planet in the solar system.

The distance from the sun to the
small worlds traveling it are vast. Light takes eight minutes to reach
earth, and nearly a day to reach the farthest known bodies. Join us now
as we tour our solar system, starting with sun-baked mercury and
traveling to the remotest outskirts, where

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