The Truth Behind The Crisis in Ukraine. US “Covert Manipulation” and the Resurging Cold War

The Truth Behind The Crisis in Ukraine. US “Covert Manipulation” and the Re surging Cold WarThe
hypocrisy that is part and parcel of US foreign policy throughout the
globe has never been more glaring and blatant than now being
demonstrated in Ukraine. Rather than succumb to the
propaganda-disinformation blitz that it is Russia acting as the bad
guy-oppressor, a slightly deeper examination of recent behind-the-scenes
events in Ukraine would clearly indicate the opposite.
November it was the US and NATO forces in the form of a US State
Department cover that launched an all out assault on the democratically
elected Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych and his government.
That now
infamous statement made by profanity-carping Assistant Secretary of
State Victoria Nuland obscured what otherwise was a transparently
intended plan for the coup that was attained in February when armed US
backed demonstrators and mercenaries began shooting and killing dozens
of Ukrainian citizens in its capitol Kiev that then drove the Ukraine
President fleeing his country to seek refuge in Moscow. While the Putin
and Yanukovych governments are clearly not saints, the US government
that carries on the charade of being so exceptionally virtuous and
benevolent is even more clearly anything but.
What historically used to be the not so covert actions of the CIA and
joint CIA-military operations throughout the world assassinating and
triggering countless government overthrows and regime changes has
undergone a not so hidden transformational shift to a covertly led,
increasing US State Department role that funds and relies on
Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s) with humanitarian window fronts to
do its dirty work, craftily distancing and further obscuring any and all
accountability and culpability in the growing destabilization of
nations around the globe.
This shadowy transformation of US foreign policy has mirrored the
development in recent decades of a slithering shadow elite that has
formed a loose and informal neocon network of various linked
organizations such as think tanks, NGO’s, private corporate sponsors and
lobbyists acting as no bid contractors, university research grants, and
various intertwined government and mainstream media organizations all
designed to seal the cloak of secrecy and deception that permit the
oligarchic global cabal to tighten its control, effectively conceal both
its overt and covert misdeeds along with its enormous money laundering
scam operation from all public scrutiny and accountability.
In recent months five billion dollars at taxpayers expense were
invested and poured into Ukraine to topple the government to in effect,
install and buy the current puppet regime. The systematically aggressive
deployment of a widespread and pervasive strategy to turn every former
outer Soviet nation-state against Moscow has been underway ever since
the breakup of the Soviet Empire in 1991. One by one all the nations
that comprised the former Iron Curtain are now solidly aligned with
NATO, the European Union and the US-Western alliance complete with its
ongoing schedule of anti-missile defense deployments providing the
missile shield directly aimed at Russia along its border. Of course this
has Russia reacting with its own missile shield deployment in what has
once again ushered in a renewed arms race.
intended US foreign policy in Eurasia is to cut off Russia from the rest
of Europe and all its Central Asian neighbors, thereby weakening
Russia’s geopolitical influence and economic power in the region. Once
the US has Ukraine in its back pocket which of course this recent coup
effectively secures, the gas pipelines that drive Europe’s dependency on
Russia to supply 90% of its natural gas will quickly be eliminated and
instead the oil and gas rich Ukraine can then be “groomed” as Europe’s
new main supplier. So all that protesting since November in Ukraine
calling for closer democratic ties to the West was a mere propagandist
ploy designed to appear as though it was actually another impromptu, so
called populist movement uprising (not unlike the other fake Arab spring
neo-con job) ostensibly demanding more democratic freedom and civil
liberties, sadly the very same rapidly disappearing freedom and
liberties since 9/11 that have been usurped by US government tyranny and
oppression in the militarized police state that has now come to firmly
roost here in America.

Like a caged animal that for years has been backed into the corner
and repeatedly prodded, Russia’s President Putin finally reacted in
self-defense to this ever so thinly veiled US assault on his nation by
invading Crimea, the part of Ukraine made up nearly entirely of fellow
ethnic Russians under the guise of protecting his own people. But in
actuality Putin’s so called defiantly offensive move into the Ukraine
was a mere reactive gesture out of desperation directly caused by the
rising US Empire hegemony and its imposing global, across-the-boards
military, geo-political and economic dominance, purposefully designed to
severely undercut and weaken Russia’s regional power and influence. In
effect, it was Putin acting in self-defense in the face of the US’s full
frontal assault on his nation. Yet predictably America is now gleefully
leading the charge in its sanctimonious and self-righteous condemnation
to impose immediate sanctions in order to swiftly punish Russia for its
feeble, desperate attempt to defend itself from the US-led onslaught.
Meanwhile, under the radar it is the United States that has been the
insidious and aggressive attacker of sovereign nations around the world,
not Russia. It is the United States that has military occupiers waging
covert wars in 134 nations around the world, not Russia. It is the
United States that possesses over a thousand active military
installations around the world on every inhabitable continent, not
Russia. It is the United States that has made the world far more armed
and dangerous today than any prior time in human history, supplying near
twice as much arms including weapons of mass destruction to the rest of
the world, not its next distant competitor Russia.
It is the
United States that spends more money on its military than the rest of
the world combined, not Russia. It is the United States that has
murdered thirty million human beings waging nonstop wars around the
world ever since World War II, not Russia. In actuality it is the
American Empire that is the true enemy of the world, not Russia.
Psychopathic lies of deception that constantly twist and distort the
true reality are currently being used once again to maliciously demonize
the US Empire’s next biggest foe Russia.
It is the
covert manipulation of the United States that is center stage
aggressively pushing the buttons and pulling the strings behind the
Oz-like curtain, ready to be exposed as the true instigator of the re-surging cold war now boiling over. But the pathology of US lies
consistently used to cover up the systematic raping and plundering of
this earth is about to be exposed for all the world to see like never
before, and that it in fact is the United States that is the true world