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Secular Dogma Vs Religious? Fitna me up baby
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Where da lines. Threw this video together.. Not anything special at all was lazy as heck and really only put any effort into the last part..

So enjoy or not.

Heres a good read I had the wordpad file if you can find the link let me know I got it awhile back

As we approach the end of the Twentieth Century we look back on the bloodiest century in human history. Two world wars, the massacres of Stalin, the Holocaust of Hitler, the disastrous Great Leap of Mao, and dozens of less grandiose human tragedies in Eastern Europe, Korea, Vietnam, Africa, India, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Latin America, and Bosnia killed millions of humans and inflicted extreme suffering on hundreds of millions more. The killing continues as we move to the Twenty-first Century.

Why did things so wrong?

The Twentieth Century was ushered in by intellectuals and political philosophers who promised a brave ne

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By: Dat1111
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