SALE OF UKRAINE TO US HAS STARTED. The first lot - the Port near Odessa.

SALE OF UKRAINE TO US HAS STARTED. The first lot - the Port near Odessa

This week marked the beginning of the direct phase raider attacks on economic asset of Ukraine. Americans bought port near Odessa, in Ilyichyovsk. «Siguler Guff & Company», became a new shareholder of equity fund , its share - 50%.

Now the main assets representing any interest in Ukraine for the West, are part of the chemical and engineering industries, land, railways, ports and energy sector. Ports are very important for the US because through them all over the world, Americans control the flow of goods. Control of key ports - geostrategy struggle for economic supremacy against the China . Thus, the United States controls the Suez and Panama canals, which can go through the goods from China to Europe. Control over Illichevsk - attempts to restore control over the Chinese "Silk Route" by land to Europe.

Reminder, that in the period of Euromaidan crises year ago Yanukovych signed a contract with China for the construction of a deepwater port in the Crimea, and after that, for some reason, in the Kiev situation deteriorated sharply and protests entered the stage of hostilities.

In Ukraine there are two major ports, intended for export steel products and large engineering: this notably Ilyichyovsk and ... Mariupol. Control over Mariupol by Kiev seems temporary, and only a naive person would not understand it. Consequently, the purchase of the port Ilichёvske- control over the remaining Ukrainian exports of mechanical engineering, steel industry, as well as for coal supplies to Ukraine, on which the work of Ukrainian thermal power plants depends on.

That's how Ukrainian state interests surrenders through government Raiders Yatsenyuk - Yaresko . The logic of events in Ukraine is simple: foreign Raiders found a common language with local Raiders. The devaluation of the Hryvnia is very beneficial to local Raiders accumulated substantial amounts of dollar and euro. They start buying on the cheap, several times lower than the market value of the remaining assets. Yatsenyuk and foreign ministers will ensure the legality of the last phase of the privatization and sale of the country, after which Ukraine will become a total ownership of several major oligarchic groups with fully economically enslaved people who, by the way, will think that they "recieved a freedom"

However, we wrote about this far in advance, immediately after the appointment of foreign emissaries Yaresko, Ambromavichusa and Kvitashvili a team of Georgians in the government of the victorious Euromaidan. The scheme of the country sales and total destruction of the state system is clearly described by us, read on.

The state "Ukraine", as a system and apparatus will be eliminated completely within a half year- one year. If in the 90s we were talking about privatization of enterprises, but now we are talking about state disinfusion of entire industries and spheres of life.

If this plans will realize, in the form Ukraine will be still on the map, but by the fact - is not.

By the way, a similar process has already passed in Libya, where now there are four regional associations, warring among themselves .


Increasing salaries and pensions in Ukraine is impossible now due to military actions in Donbass, Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk told a government session on Saturday.

"At the moment, the country does not have resources for this as all resources are spent on defense, security, army, tanks, weapons, on strengthening security, building a border," he said.

The Ukrainian army is "the first priority" for Ukraine, Yatsenyuk said, adding that 5.2% of the GDP is spent on defense.