Democratic and Civilized FSA supporters speaks out in Sydney, Australia.

Abu Anas comments on upon the "martyrdom" of Mustafa Al Majzoub: "Today my brothers is the battle between Islam as a whole and Kufr (Kufr = Infidels) as a whole. For a centery the youth of the Ummah have been sacrificing, the mujahidoon have been sacrificing and then the Secularists hijacked the revolution. We must put an end to this humilation, this shame. For this blood in Al-Sham, by Allah, least that should be accepted in this life is for the flag of tawhe
ed (Black Banner of Islam) to be raised. Without the flag of tawheed we have not gained anything. It is not our role to die (as martyrs) only, but to die to bring life to Islam, not to die so that the Secularists can lead our nations once again and detach Islam once again. The kuffar have divided it, they have given part of it to the Jews - Palestine, another part to the Masons - Jordan another to the kuffar in Syria and have given the rest to the Christians in Lebanon. O God, we ask you to punish America, Europe, China, Russia, Iran and the Arab treacherous leaders, those who have betrayed Syria and all those who have conspired against Syria and all the tawaghit"

TL;DR What a nice bunch of people, wouldn't you agree?