Would Ron Paul run as an Independent?

This question WAS planted.

(CNN) ? Mark Strauss from Davenport, Iowa asks: Mr. Paul, I think we both know that the Republican Party's never going to give you the nomination. But I'm hoping that you're crazy like a fox like that and you're using this exposure to propel yourself into an independent run. Mr. Paul, are you going to let America down by not running as an Independent?

Mark Strauss of Davenport IA asked a question directed at Ron Paul during the CNN debate starting "I think we both know that the Republican party is never going to give you the nomination." However, the Huffington Post has previously run a story involving Mark Strauss in the Democratic debate saying:

"CNN didn't just "pick the questions." They identified contributors and in some cases worked with them to shape the video. Mark Strauss from Davenport, Iowa, ... told OffTheBus that "CNN called him and requested that he re-shoot the question and keep it to twenty-seven seconds."

While Mark Strauss has made numerous public political statements, he has never publicaly expressed support for Ron Paul either on his YouTube site.

However, Strauss publicly stated in April that he likes Democrat Bill Richardson, saying:
"He's not keen on any of the Democratic candidates at this point though he admits to liking Bill Richardson."

Search the Huffington Post for Strauss.


Real Republicans, take note: There is a HUGE DIFFERENCE between "Conservative Republican Values" and "Neo-Conservative Values."

Conservative Republicans: STRONGLY favor protecting our civil liberties - Truly American
Neo-Conservatives: See our civil liberties as an unnecessary restriction on government power.

Conservative Republicans: STRONGLY favor a smaller, less intrusive government- Truly American
Neo-Conservatives: Are Willing to spend money (and expand government reach) without restraint, provided it helps them further their agenda.

Conservative Republicans: STRONGLY favor Fiscal Responsibility and reducing taxes - GOOD FOR AMERICA
Neo-Conservatives: Fool the public into thinking a "tax cut" (Paid for with PRINTED MONEY) is actually beneficial, hiding the fact that it amounts to little more than a loan that the taxpayer (or their children) will have to repay WITH INTEREST.

CNN is a fraud... these were supposed to be real questions from REAL Americans. IMO.
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