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FINALLY! USA DEFENCE LEAGUE – An American arm of the English Defence League

The Crusade Begins
The United States of America Defence League (USADL) is pleased to announce the premier of its organizational website. The site is open to members for registration and non-members, for viewing. Please direct all media requests through the website media contact form.
Who is the USADL? The USADL is made up of volunteers from around the country who recognize the threat that Sharia Law poses to free people everywhere. These volunteers are the backbone of the crusade against Sharia Law.
Why keep Sharia Law out of the United States? Sharia law is not compatible with the Constitution and the American justice system. Although CAIR and a host of Islamic apologists will vehemently scream otherwise, Sharia Law is a 7th century system of governance for life, that is not only barbaric, demeaning to women and condones physical and verbal abuse of othe


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