MBT Arjun Mk II Main Battle Tank - India

The Arjun Mark 2 is an advanced third generation main battle tank and an upgraded version of the well proven Arjun main battle tank with several improvements. Its development was completed in 2 years owing to experience gained from developing the first version. The top speed of the tank would be at 60 km/hr compared to 40 km/hr in Arjun mark 1. It had outclassed the T-90 during the trials. Regarding the trials, a Ministry of Defence press release reported:
"After many years of trial and tribulation it has now proved its worth by its superb performance under various circumstances, such as driving cross-country over rugged sand dunes, detecting, observing and quickly engaging targets, accurately hitting targets – both stationary and moving, with pin pointed accuracy. Its superior fire-power is based on accurate and quick target acquisition capability during day and night in all types of weather and shortest possible reaction time during combat engagements". The Fire control system of the new tank has a hit probability over 90%, when firing on the move. The new tank also has improved communication systems and new navigation system.

Arjun Mark II has a total of 93 upgrades, including 13 major improvements. The major upgrades would be missile-firing capability against long-range targets, panoramic sight with night vision to engage targets effectively at night, containerization of the ammunition, enhanced main weapon penetration; additional ammunition types, explosive reactive armor, an advanced air-defense gun to engage helicopters; a mine plough, an advanced land navigation system and a warning system which can fire smoke grenades to confuse laser guidance.

Other upgrades are an enhanced en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Auxiliary_power_unit providing 8.5 KW (from 4.5 KW) and an improved gun barrel, changes in the commander's panoramic sight with eye safe LRF, night vision capability including for driver, digital control harness, new final drive, track and sprocket. The Arjun Mk.2 has an advanced hydropneumatic suspension system which provides very good comfort to the crew, This tank is also fitted with auxiliary power unit which powers all systems when the main engine is turned off and It can be also fitted with a mine plough.

The new variant possesses superior missile firing capabilities and can fire missiles accurately up to a range of 2 km.

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