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False flags and israeli terrorism, the truth of the war on terror

Journalist Kashif Ahmed argues that Israel and the
US have a long history of perpetrating false flag terrorism to advance
their foreign policy goals, usually at the expense of Muslims…
“…Israelis came into (US occupied) Iraq disguised as Arabs:
Israeli commandos move around using forged or stolen Arab IDs and, if
necessary, they wear masks to hide their real identities, such as in
beheading videos. Israelis disguised as Arab or Pakistani missionaries
(tablighis) ran the recruitment centres. Israelis playing Muslim
missionaries were even caught in India, and Israel rushed in to retrieve
“Zionists needed this myth (i.e. Al Qaeda) as an excuse for their
long-term plans to destabilize the Middle East and pit the world
against Muslims. Israelis continue to fake whatever it takes to prove
that the “war on terror,” has to continue. Listen to them


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