Police release video of attempted murder at a Salvation Army shelter

TAMPA, FL The Hillsborough State Attorney's office has released video showing the attempted murder of a homeless man in Tampa.
The attack occurred at the Salvation Army shelter March 29th.

In the video, victim Doug Fletcher is seen backing away from his attacker using a box to defend himself against the slashing attack by a man in a black shirt.
Fletcher runs around the reception desk of the homeless shelter, trying to get away, as bystanders scramble for safety.

The attacker pursues Fletcher, pointing a finger and stabbing him in the head.
Finally Fletcher runs out the front door, while the suspect runs away.

Tampa Police have charged Dwight "Baldie" Bonds with attempted murder.
According to a police report, "The victim...was sitting on the sidewalk...with some friends" the day before the attack when "Baldie was trying to get one of them to buy his bus pass.
When no one wanted the pass, Baldie became irate and was causing a disturbance.
The victim tried to calm Baldie down."

Police say the next day, the suspect Bonds, tracked down Fletcher at the shelter and attacked him.
The suspect repeatedly yelled, "I'm gonna do you! I'm gonna to F***ing do you!"
The victim told police "I'm going to do you" is street slang for I'm going to kill you.

Dwight Bonds remains in the Hillsborough County jail charged with attempted murder.