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Girl's death puts Islam in the hot seat


If nothing else, the death of 16-year-old Aqsa Parvez should put to rest forever the yearning by some for sharia law in Ontario.

Perhaps her death by strangulation for allegedly refusing to wear a hijab, or traditional Muslim (in her case, Pakistani) clothing, was not an "honour killing" but an accidental death. Perhaps her father, charged with her murder, was simply angry and lost control. We don't know. A brother is also charged with obstructing the investigation.

There seems little doubt that the father, a taxi driver, loved his daughter. But as a Muslim, cultural differences with his daughter were clearly rampant.

And now she is dead, the family shattered.

When the McGuinty government asked the NDP's Marion Boyd to recommend a form of sharia law for Ontario in family disputes, outrage -- mostly from Muslim women -- put plans on hold.


Added: Dec-16-2007 
By: theblue8
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