BREAKING NEWS - Thousands of refugees broke fence on border, clashed with police and enter in Croatia from Serbia

On the Croatian side of the border is still at the police cordon and refugees shout: "Open! Open!" (Open the door! Open the door!).

In Croatia from Serbia, mainly through areas Bapska from midnight to 9.00 am entered 2,558 refugees, which is more than the previous day in the same period when they entered only 196, according to this morning's data Croatian MUP. At the border crossing Berkasovo to enter Croatia today put more than 1,000 refugees from Middle Eastern countries, while in Presevo across the Macedonian border awaits the arrival of some 4,000.

In the temporary detention center in Opatovac in Slavonia are currently 2,600 people and refugees continue to arrive. The latest data from the Ministry of Interior show that since the beginning of the refugee crisis about a month ago on Croatian territory entered more than 204,000 people.

N1 Television reported that the situation at the border crossing Bapska - Berkasovo; the Serbian side difficult, that people do not have enough blankets, warm clothes and shoes, and still kept coming to this transition in the hope that as soon as possible to cross the border.

Representatives of the Government of Serbia and the Red Cross and international organizations, are doing everything they can to make them up in cold weather and rain facilitate the stay in Serbia.

The minister of labor, social policy and employment Aleksandar Vulin says that today the situation at the border crossing Berkasovo "slightly better, but not much."

"Leakage of migrants is still slower than we would like it to be and than they migrants prefer it to be ... now (about 11:30 am) there are about 1,000 to 1,200 people," said Vulin.

He said that what Croatia slowly leaking migrants across the border, "primarily affects mirante" and that it "is not something that bothers the state of Serbia".

"They are located at the border crossing, and we would provide them with a piece of bread and medicine regardless of where they are ... it affects these people, and we, unfortunately, it can not influence," said Vulin.

According to him, the state of Serbia will try to provide them as soon as possible a more civilized and better conditions.

"We hope that Croatia will ensure that you quickly resume their journey because they do not remain in Serbia and not even remain in Croatia", said Vulin after honoring the Oslobodiću Belgrade in World War II.

According to him, the reception center "Principovac" end Sid is almost full, "and there are mostly families and women with small children or those who are very difficult to continue their movement."

Vulin said that during the night organized cleaning of the area, "it is difficult to do because people are constantly moving in two or three days there passed about 10,000 people."

"We try to make everything clean and to set the tents and to cover the entire space to people while waiting for the bar to be protected from the rain," he said.

Croatia, after partial blockade of the border began to slow down admission of refugees from Serbia, which created congestion on the Serbian side. Refugees are, according to "Plan C" is still directed towards Slovenia where further toward the countries of Western Europe.

Since Slovenia slowed the admission of refugees justifying it no sufficient capacities for their accommodation, the refugees in large numbers in the country, as reported in the Croatian media started to enter through the "green border".

Shortly after midnight, about two kilometers from the official passage, near the border crossing at Rigonce Harmica, Slovenian police revealed that about 2,000 refugees who were taken to a reception center in Brežice. There are states, currently has about 3,300 foreigners. Four policaman werw injured in clash with refugees.

Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic repeatedly said that the raising of the walls on the border with Serbia, "the last of the last solution," and that Croatia does not want to, because it is "wrong and bad".

He said that Croatia will continue to receive refugees and takes them away to Slovenia, but it will not remain in the country and more people than you can receive them.

Majority of this refugees enter in Croatia from Serbia, they are mainly from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya tnd they passing on the route trough Balkan peninsula into a heart of europe (Germany, France, UK / England, Sweden etc.).