Boston Police Examine Arrest of Teen Caught On Tape

Friends of a teen whose arrest was caught on tape say Boston Police officers were too rough with him. Police are now responding to the claims.

The cell phone video shows a 16-year-old teenager hit on the ground by Boston Police. It happened Friday afternoon at Roxbury Community College.

Eusida Blidgen, Witness: "It's when I saw the officer hit him in the head several times with the handcuffs is when I became alert, ran down the hallway."

Eusida Blidgen, a first year student, then shot seven minutes of video, from the time the 16-year-old was on the ground until he was led away in handcuffs.

Eusida Blidgen, Witness "It was just horrible I can't even explain it. He was being kicked in the ribs he was being punched in the spine. I know there is protocol but he's 16 years, he's a child."

The boy apparently had a warrant for his arrest having walked away from a department of youth service center. He was walking with his sister.

Jasmine Grant, sister "He only ran away to see his kid, his kid was being born."

His sister says three plainclothes officers called out her brothers name. He turned around. At first he was cooperative. But then there was a struggle. A struggle Jasmine Grant insists was excessive, a struggle she also captured with her cell phone camera.

Jasmine Grant, sister: "Everybody has their rights regardless if you have a warrant or not and I feel it could be taken care of another way."

Commissioner Ed Davis, Boston Police Dept: "It's always troubling when officers use force but we need to take a look at what prompted it."

Commissioner Ed Davis says all the cell phone video, plus surveillance video from the college, is now being examined by Boston police and internal affairs.

Commissioner Ed Davis: "There were injuries to three officers at the scene. At one point according to the reports I have seen the individual was flailing around with a handcuffs which is a very dangerous situation. So the officers clearly used force the question was it reasonable and proper."


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