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New US Infantry Weapon System - SWITCHBLADE

Aerovironment Switchblade

The U.S. Air Force...launched (an) urgent procurement program for lethal mini-drones, aiming to field such weapons with Special Operations command units in 2012. The weapons to be delivered...will offer the warfighter a portable, non-line-of-sight precision strike capability against individual stationary or moving individuals, ensuring high precision effect from covert positions, with a very low risk of collateral damage.

In December 2010 the air force selected three contractors to provide provide weaponized systems for a test series, planned for April 2011. The companies are Aerovironment, IAT and Textron Defense Systems. The Air Force plans to begin procurement of such weapons as early as 2012. Two representative systems in this category are a new ‘Point and Toss’ mini-drone from IAT and the Switchblade developed by Aerovironment, presumably under ‘Pro

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