Disturbing Interview W/ Suspected Icepick Killer Eric Clinton Newman aka Luka Rocco Magnotta (2007) & Video Of His Abandoned Apartment

2 Videos: Video of Turner's Abandoned Apartment (2012) and an interview by NakedNews from 2007. BestGore site users actually identified this former kitten suffocation killer as the likely suspect based on a Casablanca poster on the wall in the video. www.bestgore.com/murder/luka-magnotta-perpetrator-behind-1-l. This was originally dismissed by police several times before they realized it was highly likely. The victim has been identified as Lin Jun.

Turner was suspected to be living with or near former child rapist and serial killer Karla Homolka in the Bahamas. Recently body parts believed to be that of the victim (Lin jun) in the icepick snuff video were sent to government officials from a location in Montreal, however.

Here is an interesting article about the victim who seems to have a dark side as well: www.theglobeandmail.com/news/world/the-darker-side-of-dismem

1 month before his death, Lin Jun posted an image of an empty subway car with the caption “midnight cannibalism train", eerily foreshadowing his own demise.

Here is that image: