USTR's Mike Froman draws anti-TPP protesters to Charlie Palmer Steak House

On the 19th of November, US Trade Representative Mike Froman showed up at t the Charlie Palmer Steak House near Capitol Hill. With him were others involved in the TPP negotiations, I was told up to 100 in all for an event of unknown nature. Outside, Friends of the Earth showed up to protest.

Friends of the Earth had activsts dressed as chefs with the names of corporations like Monsanto, Rio Tinto, Exxon-Mobil, Chevron, Goldman-Sachs, and others on their white hats. Each corporation named has a record of filing lawsuits agianst national governments for "investor compensation" when environmental and labor laws block destructive projects. There have been over 500 of these abusive lawsuits under NAFTA, CAFTA, and other free trade deals.

Due to this, the "chefs" used large "cleavers" on a cake representing Earth and divided it up among themselves, with those who were not corporations offered only crumbs.