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CA hispanic $1200/mo. father of 3 jailed for self defense/"Judge acknowledges self-defense role in Oak Park slaying"

"In America, you still have a right to defend yourself on your own property," Sacramento Superior Court Judge Maryanne G. Gilliard said from the bench.

Libs lookin out for the little guy, all those hispanics that voted for them, their constituency..6 mo. time served sentence plus 5 years probation and pay $7500 for criminal's funeral. That's not freedom judge. That's the UK. Or Europe. Time to wake up.

Never plea deal. I've heard of a w. wa guy (Lacey,WA) who, as a security guard, had a young female run up to his car hysterically saying her boyfriend was trying to kill her. He said get in, and was going to take her to safety, but the boyfriend in hot pursuit assaulted him, attacked his car, then told his friend to "get the gat". Guard drew weapon, and held him for police to arrive. The prosecutor was going to legally hang him with a plea deal-he smartly refused and spent $5000 on


Added: Mar-8-2010 
By: HydrogenEconomy
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