Mr. This, On The General Boundaries and Protocols of Debating Politics

Lessons abound in these volatile political days. When you pepper your political stances with gratuitous give-and-take insults, what goes on in the discussion threads should generally stay on the threads, instead of moving out into the real world. There is a small minority of activists (it was actually quite large, around the 2016 election period), that will take to the streets to do battle royale with the scurrilous, demonized opposition forces of the day, as well as stalk and find the bad, bad people who have infuriated them.

I suggest that we think of the LiveLeak debate experiences as though they were a series of Deacons vs. Imams professional wrestling cage matches, where we intellectually suplex, pile drive, chokeslam, corkscrew elbow drop, and headbutt our at-the-time debate opponents. When it's over for that day (or night), walk away, and it's done and over. Next..!

LiveLeakers, as you were.....Carry on..!


By: Cipher This (1089.60)

Tags: yoursay, debate, vulgarity, insults, sparkling nastiness, hurr, derp, no-stalk zone

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