Did Obama Really Call Putin a Jackass? No - It's Complete Satire

On September 6th Andy Borowitz, writing for The New Yorker, published an article titled G20 ENDS ABRUPTLY AS OBAMA CALLS PUTIN A JACKASS which has caused quite a stir on social media. He claimed that U.S. President Barack Obama went on a name calling tirade, hurling insults at his Russian nemesis Vladimir Putin. The article is pure satire but from the activity I’ve witnessed on facebook and twitter, many people are under the impression that it’s fact and that’s a shame because nothing could be further from the truth. How do I know this? Because there isn’t one single news outlet besides The New Yorker with a corroborating story – and trust me, if it were true every news site on the web would be running it! Yes, there are dozens of smaller blogs which have copied and pasted it in it’s entirety directly from the New Yorker site but there are no other reports written by anyone other than Borowitz. It’s also obvious as you scan through Borowitz’s other articles that all of his “work” is simply satire. Many of them make me wish they were true, but none of them are. In Borotwitz’s defense,The New Yorker is a newsy, entertainment type magazine and not a news agency. But misleading information is just that and there can be huge consequences when the funny story happens to involve political leaders currently engaged in determining whether or not they’re gonna blow up the damned world. I wish The New Yorker would put forth more of an effort to label Andy’s work as satire, but scanning the article page I can’t find a single reference denoting it as such.